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After a string of well received releases on the likes of 22a and Alexander Nut’s Hotep, Henry Wu steps forth with his most bold statement to date with ‘Good Morning Peckham’ on the Rhythm Section International Imprint.

Arguably one of the most hotly-tipped producers in the UK right now, Wu’s broken compositions and deep jazzy keys have earned him plaudits from scene veterans as well as peers, all keen to see what Henry will do next.

With a refreshing take on rhythm and a virtuosic musicality born out of years of recording and touring as a session player, Henry Wu represents a brightly shining light in the already glowing London community. Equally adept on the keyboard as he is on the MPC, on Good Morning Peckham, we are also given a further insight into the mind of Wu as he takes to the mic - toasting along to the soon-to-be-classic ‘ Croydon Depot’.

A South East Londoner born and bred, Henry’s debut on Rhythm Section was a long time coming and it seems that it was worth the wait. 6 tracks of white hot intention.

Henry Wu is a name that we’re going to hear a lot more of in the future…. Good morning Peckham!

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Sometimes, this EP for Rhythm Section echoes his recent turn on Ho Tep—the stoned monologue and cool chords of “Croydon Depot,” in particular, recall Negotiate’s “On The Regular.” Elsewhere, though, Good Morning Peckham directs Wu’s loose and lazy sensibility towards a newly streamlined house sound.
— Henry Wu

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