Duke Hugh

Hailing from Groningen, a small city in the Netherlands, Duke Hugh toyed with instruments throughout his life, making a variety of beats from classical to hip hop to reggae sounds. His productions tread the fine line between broken beat with dreamy electronic hues through to some jazzy shades of hip hop.

Hugh's musical prowess and understanding is enforced by his ability to flirt with a variety of genres, putting these into practice spinning records by night at his own loft parties in Amsterdam whilst by day you'll find him making software. All part of juggling life as a dj, producer and family man. Bradley met Duke in Amsterdam, when he handed him a green USB stick after a show. He played the promos in the empty club and the first track immediately grabbed his attention - he knew it was something special. When he remembered the hook to Green Leaf the next morning he signed Canvas almost instantly.

Duke Hugh's future shines bright, with dope music to take you on a journey to a euphoric world of goosebumps and good vibes, he is a powerful selector full of fierce riddims to get you dancing.

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