Over the past few months here at Rhythm Section HQ we have been working on an incredibly personal project, collaborating with family and friends of the label to produce a compilation to raise funds for the rebuilding of Dominica. Many of you may be aware, that a horrific hurricane, Hurricane Maria tore through the beautiful island leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The worst hurricane on record to affect Dominica. It completely destroyed much of the natural landscape and left the inhabitants on in humanitarian crisis. Half of the team here at RS, Mali and Bradley are both of Dominican descent and both of their families have been affected by the disaster. With a powerful platform to make a difference and music our means of expression, all profits raised will be donated to Colihaut In Focus alongside Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund, 2 organisations committed to obtaining resources of aid to Dominica.  

The soundtrack to our journey travels from the delicate percussion of Glowing Palms' 'Soufriere Bay' through to the distinct sounds of Alek Lee and the soothing tones of our very own Local Artist’s Dreams...This project could not have been completed without the amazingly talented artists and producers who donated their music to making a difference. Many of whom with Dominican descent, the likes of Moses Boyd, Chord Memory Band and Louis IV. A special thank you must go to Frank and Carvery Cuts, who donated his time to mastering all 28 tracks we collated, for that we are incredibly grateful. 

100% of all profits will be going to charity - if there is a possibility to donate more that would be incredibly appreciated. 

100% of the profits from the compilation, which includes music by Neinzer and Ruf Dug, will go towards helping repair the damage caused by Hurricane Maria.