From the twilight zone of Rhythm Section International comes a new label for 2017: INTERNATIONAL BLACK. 
International Black is heads down, arms up. 
International Black is for your mind, your body and your soul. 
International Black is late nights and early mornings. 
International Black is the sound when the lights go off. 

For our first release we welcome two of South London’s finest exponents of real house music: Phrased and Ron Obvious. 
Recorded entirely on analogue hardware via reel to reel tape, this inaugural release features two hypnotic and timeless tracks from the up-and-coming duo, whose back to basics approach yields otherworldly results. 

On the A Side we are treated to a deep, swung shuffle, which hints at Uk Garage with its staccato hi-hats, before descending into a Detroit house ambience as lush pads meander back and forth. Out of this rhythm (which could go on forever), emerges a 303 bassline to beat all 303 basslines; virtuosic in scope, this element works to further cement the groove and make it fully worthy of it’s name: “ Pushing ( 303 Jazz Mix)” 
Flip over to the B side and we find a production from the enigmatic Ron Obvious. This is deep house at it’s most brutally effective. Using just a few key elements, ‘ Man Ray' channels a distinctly eerie yet sleazy energy, soundtracking that moment in the club where things get a bit weird and a lot more interesting. 

The record is made with the dancefloor in mind; two tracks, two sides, 45 RPM, cut and mastered by the one and only aural alchemist, Matt Colton. . 

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