international Black make it two in a row with this latest EP from Neinzer and Losian. 
With this 12" , International Black wastes no time in cementing their mission statement to provide a platform for dark, functional and highly effective club music. 
Neinzer, whose release ’The Beacon’ turned a lot of heads in 2016 presents ‘Weiblich’, a surgical slice of sound art masquerading as techno; a brutally effective piece of programming that seamlessly switches from beat-less interlude to a thundering 909 work out. 

On the other side, we witness Losian in full power, peak time mode. 'He’s My Brother' is an unrelenting, hypnotic cut that is a master class in build and release dynamics. Gentle washes of muted keys give way to a pummeling kick, reminiscent of Shed or Basic Channel, just with that unmistakable UK toughness.