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30/70 - ELEVATE

Ahead of their 2018 European Tour, 30/70 treat us with a follow up to their critically acclaimed LP ‘Elevate’. 

Entitled ‘Elevations’, the EP opens up with a reimagined live version of "Steady Hazin'" recorded by the band in their living room / studio space in the north Melbourne suburbs. This version manages to be even more low slung than the original, gently glimmering in restrained magnificence. 

The rest of the EP sees songs from Elevate reimagined by artists close to the Rhythm Section INTL label from London, Sydney and Paris… 
First up is man of the moment, Neue Grafik - a RS INTL & 22a affiliate from Paris, who manipulates Slangin’ into a rolling broken beat jam with the most deft of touches. Using the bands horn section and Allysha vocalisations to give the composition shape, Fred (Neue Grafik) crafts a deeply hypnotic, rolling take on the original. For fans of Dego, Kaidi, Seiji et al…. 
Up next is Sydney native Setwun, who made his RS debut on our ‘Compilation for Dominica’. Using the interlude ‘Get to Me’ as a basis for his own sonic exploration, Setwun chops and repeats to vocal refrain to devastating effect, creating an entirely new composition utilising soft pads, broken drum patterns and live bass to create a remix that unfolds so blissfully. 
Upping the ante with the third remix is a track from Rainforest Productions aka Piers Harrison from Soft Rocks + Toby Tobias on a ravey tip. Clocking in at just under 135 bpm, we’re in hardcore breakbeat territory, but the direction is decidedly junglist. Flanging sub bass competes with gated snares and wild animal samples, occasionally giving way to snippets of Allysha Joy’s vocals within the ebbing and flowing of this euphorious cacophony - strictly for the heads this one! 
Rounding things up are two versions from Rhythm Sections very own Z Lovecraft, who offers us a Vocal Dub alongside an alternate version. 
Crafted in RS HQ using strictly analog outboard gear, Mali (Z Lovecraft) strips the songs down to their bare essentials, adds a heavy break and goes wild on the effects: each version is live dubbed in one take from our South London Studio, for maximum soundboy murderatio

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30/70 Collective have released their follow up remix EP entitled “Elevations”, showcasing their magnificent musical artistry. The EP itself is a well-constructed buzzing compilation of reimagined songs by the gifted quintet known for their jazz-infused, funk sound.
— Bolting Bits