Born out of a chance encounter in 2012 that led to a lasting friendship, Rhythm Section Int’l & producer, DJ, label boss, radio host, and record store owner Ruf Dug join forces to present ‘The Committee’. Sitting somewhere between fictional band and studio collaboration, the record is the first fully in house production for Rhythm Section, recorded start to finish at their own South East London studio and featuring vocals from label founder Bradley Zero and label mate FYI Chris’s Chris Watson. 

Right from the studio’s initial creation, Ruf Dug felt inspired by the space’s unique musical identity, jumping at the opportunity to create a collaborative record there over a two week studio residency. And betwe en his DJ r esidencies at Pikes, Gottwood and NTS radio the Manchester via Ibiza computer game freak and renowned vinyl digger found the time to meld his wide range of influences. Having been a key driving force behind Be With ’s Holy Grail reissue of Bô’vel's Check 4 U , Ruffy has more than earned his stripes as a boss level Street Soul collector, pre empting the resurgent interest in the genre, which began in the mid 80s and is still a popular sound in Manchester today. This new release draws parallels between the DIY attitude of Street Soul labels like TSR, Intrigue, Jam Today & Elite...  more


releases April 26, 2019 

A1 Down 2 It ft. Watson Produced by Ruf Dug & Watson 
Vocals and Lyrics by Watson 
Additional Production by Mali Baden -Powell 

A2 Fell from Stars ft. Sienna & Nadina Mustafa 
Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden- Powell 
Vocals and lyrics by Sienna & Nadina Mustafa 

B1 All U Got 2 Do ft. Bradley Zero 
Produced by Ruf Dug 
Vocals by Bradley Zero 
Lyrics by Ruf Dug & Bradley Zero 
Additional Production by Mali Baden Powell 

B2 Sunrise ft. Natalie Wildgoose 
Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden-Powell 
Vocals by Natalie Wildgoose 
Lyrics by Ruf Dug 

B3 Sunrise (Mali -I Dub) 
Produced by Ruf Dug & Mali Baden- Powell 
Dub Mix by Mali Baden Powell 
Vocals by Natalie Wildgoose 
Lyrics by Ruf Dug 

All Songs Recorded in Rhythm Section Studio, 2018 
Mastered By Noel Summerville 
Executive Producer: Bradley Zero 
Cover Photo: Daniel Adhami